Seksukerskurs for å bygge kropp og sinn

VÅREN 2018 med instruktør Elif Thorp (bildet)

Hatha Yoga Course for beginners and intermediate levels

During this 6 weeks course you will build your body and mind slowly into some of the main yoga asanas (poses). Based on the Iyengar approach you will be using props such as blocks, belts and blankets which will allow your body to experience the precision and alignment in the poses. Through Hatha yoga practice you can increase your body awareness, build strength, flexibility, and balance. You will feel theraupatic and restorative benefits. Focusing on precision and alignment, you can start to build a strong foundation for a lifelong yoga practice.

Kurs: «Hatha yoga basic» (klikk på lenken for å booke)
Instruktør: Elif Thorp
Dag og dato: søndager f.o.m. uke 1-  t.o.m. uke 7, 6 klasser m/opphold v/gjestelærere 28. jan. 
Tid: 11.00-12.15
Pris: medl. 600,- , ikke medl. 1000,-

Antall: max 15stk.

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